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Butch Howard knew how not to treat customers. He’d learned that working as terminal manager for a major trucking company in Savannah, Georgia, for several years. Too often he saw customers turn to other carriers when their requests were ignored or answers were delayed by layers of company policy. Corporate red tape threatened the very relationships he’d worked so hard to build.  

There must be a better way, he thought. 

That better way became the foundation for LDH Corporation. Launched in Butch’s garage on July 15, 1994, his new transportation brokerage soon established a growing list of customers and carriers. LDH Corporation quickly developed a reputation for dependability and customer service.  

In just a few years, LDH Corporation was expanding. Bob Bonner, a well-known and respected terminal manager, joined the company. He, too, was frustrated with the mistreatment of customers that seemed to plague larger trucking companies.

As vice president of LDH Corporation, Bob more than doubled the company’s customer base. That prompted Butch and Bob to leave their garage office and move into an office near the Georgia Ports Authority in Port Wentworth, Georgia. That location, with a few expansions, remains the corporate office today.

Don Adams joined the company a short time later. Since the age of 14, Don had worked in his family’s specialized trucking company in Atlanta.

LDH Corporation now offers more than 50 years experience in heavy haul and specialized trucking – experience that can make all the difference in meeting your transportation needs.  


LDH Corporation
P.O. Box 4125 
Port Wentworth, Georgia 31407
Phone: 800-215-1933
Fax: 912-964-2246